Kotlin vs Java ...Which one is best for a novice in android applications development?

Kotlin vs Java ...Which one is best for a novice in android applications development?

Hey,am a beginner in android applications development and i wanna know between Java and Kotlin which one is the most preferred language to begin with

Depence on the app really. My tip is look them up both. writes the pro’s and con’s and see if it matches with the idea u have for the app.


Kotlin is the recommended language (as of last year by Google). It’s specifically designed for Android development and it’s a really nice language; YMMV but I would use that on a new project. It’s relatively new but there are a vast amount of resources + afaik the majority of new projects are using it

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Kotlin wasn’t built with Android development in mind. It was created by JetBrains (the same people behind IntelliJ IDEA, the IDE Android Studio is based on) and it was meant for normal JVM work, just like Java and Scala. But because it’s simpler and interoperable with Java, it quickly because a good alternative, until Google decided to make it a official Android development language in 2017.

Ah true, for some reason I thought they’d aimed to specifically target Android development. Afaics it’s only really used for Android stuff atm though (though it seems like everyone I know using Java who’s used it would switch if they could, but wide, deep support just isn’t quite there yet for non-Android usecases)

Google is really promoting Kotlin. I think that between the latest version of Android Studio and Jetbrains IntelliJ IDE (which are both free) you’ll be all set.

We can write android apps in any language and can run on Java virtual machine (JVM). They created Kotlin to be better than Java in every way. But JetBrains didn’t put an effort to write an entire new IDE’s from scratch. This was the reason Kotlin was made 100% interoperable with Java.

If you are an absolute beginner of Android application development, So begin with Java. Java is the base of Android development and hence, helps to get you learn the right etiquette and get your basics right.