Lagos freeCodeCamp camper, please introduce yourself

Lagos freeCodeCamp camper, please introduce yourself

Hi everyone :wave:

I will like to know more about freeCodeCampers in Lagos. Please let’s introduce ourselves.

I’m Alex, I am a data-led self-starter who enjoys providing strategic technology solutions to business problems.

I care deeply about people and positive social change and that is my why at the core of everything I apply myself to do.

I have strong business acumen, digital marketing and programming background javascript and python which combined with my data science skills delivers invaluable guidance in making strategic business decisions.

I appreciate that freeCodeCamp has a rich data visualisation curriculum. I am able to quickly ingest, correlate, analyse and tell stories about data. In the end, I also predict outcomes and prescribe solutions after the story-telling :grinning:

I use freeCodeCamp to learn, refresh and improve my full stack development skills. freeCodeCamp has been such a gift to me.

I am on freeCodeCamp and GitHub as alexasomba and I look forward to connecting with other life-long learners in Lagos and everywhere else.