Lambda School (online "bootcamp")?

Lambda School (online "bootcamp")?


This has piqued my interest: a free online “mini-bootcamp,” apparently emphasizing Python: . This “Lambda School” also operates longer, paid streaming “bootcamps.”

Anybody have any experience with them? It doesn’t look like it covers a lot of topics, but for the free after-hours one at least the price and time are right for me. I’ma give it a try and report back.


Hi AbdiViklas. Did yoo take above mentioned lambda school mini bootcamp? If so, could you please share your thoughts on it?


I took the free mini bootcamp that ended last week. The presentation was a little unprofessional for a company who wanted you to pay them $7000 for 13 weeks. Two of the people in the company have taken 12 week boot camps themselves, but I don’t think that makes them experts in teaching others. Also, I don’t believe any of them have computer science degrees (if you feel that is important or not).

With all of the above being said, I did learn a couple of things out of a few of the sessions. Their first ever class starts next week I believe. I know they had some people drop out last minute from their paid camp earlier this week and they reached out to those who attended their free camp to fill the slots. I think they are knowledgeable in certain areas, but need to polish their presentation skills before I would consider paying them $7000.

You look up the instructors on LinkedIn and watch all their YouTube live videos for free and decide if you would risk $7000 for first time class in full-stack development.


I wound up not doing it; I realized Python wasn’t actually what I need to do right now. @rmdawson71 's review seems more useful; I’d add that the materials I saw certainly look like a good value for free … but yeah, my price point for them would be something way way lower. Not so much because I saw them actually teaching bad practices or anything like that, but because there just wasn’t that much there. Imagine a slack channel, like @tropicalchancer’s cohorts–so that’s cool, for real-time peer support–plus Youtube videos of one guy explaining things, plus probably some project source code, plus hopefully some mentor presence. It’s basically the fCC, but attempting to put a price tag on it.