Learning Front-End development - Should I go from top to bottom for challenges?

Learning Front-End development - Should I go from top to bottom for challenges?


Hi guys, I’m new here only been doing this for a few weeks but I had a questions about the flow of how I should be going through the camp. I completed the first little section and now I’m working on my tribute page and personal portfolio. Its says this should take about 50 hours but I guess my question is, is it okay to work on this for a little bit and finish it later so I can move on to learning JavaScript and basic algorithms or should I just 100% knockout every challenge step by step so there is no bouncing around? I’m currently going through Html,CSS, and Jquery a second time and writing down notes as I don’t feel like I’m quite capable of making my own personal portfolio yet. I’m also just eager to learn Java since I know nothing about it. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks!


i dont see a problem with that - i did a lot of bouncing around - got sick of working on one thing so i moved to something else and came back - i did the portfolio after i finished all of the front end - you will want to go back and change a lot of it after you do more projects anyway


Thank you moT01! I was really starting to freak out because I felt like I couldn’t produce to the portfolio examples I was looking at and thought I must have missed something. Much appreciated!


From the FAQ:

Should I complete all of the coding challenges in order?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how we introduce concepts. But you’re free to jump around.


I personally think it is best to go in order as much as possible. You mentioned having trouble with the portfolio, but if you are a beginner you can make a very simple portfolio. 4 sections: Nav bar, about me, portfolio pictures, and contact. I think the fCC example portfolio can be very daunting to live up to, but remember you can always do a project as best you can, continue the course then go back later and retool it. My portfolio was terrible at first, but after I finished the front-end certificate (in order) I went back and improved it considerably. I just think going in order keeps you focused and forces you to overcome whatever hurdle is in your way, which is what you will need to do to be a productive programmer. Some projects took me weeks to complete, but I kept pushing ahead and eventually found solutions. It’s just my opinion though. Whatever makes you as productive as possible is what is best for you.


Okay awesome, thank you for the insight CodeJord911, much appreciated!