Lesson not loading

Lesson not loading


@BigJGreens @Pezz18 @clarkngo could you all three try this again in your original browser and confirm whether you can still reproduce this problem? We need to find out whether we fixed the issue.


Hi, my issue - unable to scroll lesson text in left window in firefox browser is still not working. Works fine in chrome though…


I’m using chrome and nothing is loading.


When you say “nothing is loading” - when you go to learn.freecodecamp.org or click on the “curriculum” button in the navbar, are you able to get the curriculum list?


Yes I’m able to get the curriculum list but when I click on a Lesson it doesn’t load.


OK - no lessons load. Can you screenshot your browser’s JavaScript console for me?



Sorry hope this is what you wanted?


It’s working for me, no any issue.

As I checked my browser network activity during the load, it’s about 3 xhr requests are failed. Actually there are 4, that 3 of them marked cancel, 1 success (first 3 canceled).

Another try (still working)

Just checked network checking for another lesson (https://learn.freecodecamp.org/responsive-web-design/basic-html-and-html5/say-hello-to-html-elements). No any issue with this
All resources could be loaded without any fail/cancel issue.

Just tried another refresh, and this time there are 4 canceled xhr request, and the preview(result_ panel is broken, not loading), but code panel and left panel working.

After trying one “run the test”, preview panel now loaded and working.



Having problems with both chrome and firefox. I’m stuck until issues are fixed.


OK - thanks for confirming. Try following these instructions and let me know if they work: Clearing browser cookies to address common issues with the website


I seem to have no trouble accessing the same lesson today. :smiley:


Hi Quincy,

I think the issue is fixed.

Pleasure to meet you Quincy :smiley:


Hey @QuincyLarson it appears everything is back to normal for me as well! Thank you so much for you and your team’s willingness to get a high quality product out there for end users. It is very much appreciated!

Pleasure to meet you Quincy!

Josh Greenlee


I am having this problem today. Worked well in the morning. Sign in and the Welcome, Camper pages are working. However, I am unable to go to my coding curriculum. Cleared my cache, cookies etc as well. Please help!


facing this problem in firefox 61.0.2 32 bit , had no problem before ,my solution: if i go one directory up in link then it works again ,


Lessons are still not loading in my chrome browser.what should i do?


Still not loading in my chrome browser .


Is there anyone can solve my iPad white screen when click into the learn.fcc.org?
Even same with google chrome installed in my iPad.