Lessons stopped working for me

Lessons stopped working for me


Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or the right place for this. When I click the run test button the console shows //running test but then nothing else happens. The tasks also have lost the X or checkmark icon. I went back to a previous lesson that I completed and it now does the same. Please help. Thanks!


i believe they work on the page and those things can happen then. I tried it right now and it works for me.
Try again later or try a browser restart or use another one (sometimes this works as a quick solution) and if the problem is still there, try later again.


Which browser do you use?

I noted the same problem today. Then I switched from Edge to Firefox and it’s working fine.

It appears they updated the page and the new success / go to next challenge banner is not working in Edge.

What to do if the tests don't run

I’ve just been using IE on two different computers. It’s been like that all day for me. I did try Firefox at work but that was causing problems too.


It seems they returned to the previous page. See this post: http://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/weve-rolled-back-to-the-non-single-page-app-version-of-freecodecamp-com/35587


Yes, it did start working for me today. Thanks for your help! I had a suspicion that it was an update issue but didn’t see my particular issues addressed and wanted to be sure. I appreciate it!