Let's discuss your "Markdown Previewer"

Let's discuss your "Markdown Previewer"


Vanilla JS

Project Link --> https://codepen.io/BrusBilis/full/RGZxmZ


Here’s my project

3 improvements I’ve implemented due to the forum and stackOverflow Thanks!!!:

  • I liked the idea of placing the raw Text as a placeholder so you don’t have to delete the text
  • automatic scrolling. Found via stackOverflow.
  • copy html / text option

Lemme know if you have other suggestions!!!


Project Link - http://codepen.io/Tattomoosa/pen/KgZgxv


Awesome project. You simplified it so much and you understand React’s DOM abstraction. I went the other way, introducing a redux store, and all that jazz.

To quote Eintein “Make it simple, not simpler”

Good job


Nothing bad about learning Redux! Yours has those extra features and your preview really shows the power of Markdown (although I don’t know about that bit at the bottom…)

My jaw dropped when mine actually worked on the first run with like 10 lines of code. That never happens!


Love your commenting :smiley:

I shouldn’t be looking, i’m not up to this bit yet!


Link- https://codepen.io/TheCoderr/full/rrPxZk/


Hello Campers. Here is my project - http://codepen.io/yasserhussain1110/full/KNwWGY/


Pretty happy to learn ReactJS and ES6, the first try of ReactJS feels great.


Here’s mine: http://codepen.io/LarryMary/pen/ObyKKj?editors=0010. I got pretty lost trying to figure out how to pass information between components. Feels a little better now. Sass where ya been all my life? Next project I’ll use ES6.



Here is my first react app: http://codepen.io/pfpirlet/pen/MbbvWN
I’m worried about the fact that the initial content of <textarea> is hardcoded twice. Didn’t find the solution to avoid duplicating it. Any idea ?


Project - http://codepen.io/pkshreeman/pen/qqXEBQ/

Thank you for offering critiques and feedback.


Just finished mine!:

Project Link - http://codepen.io/chemok78/full/WozgYW/


Here is my solution, appreciate feedback!



Project Link - https://codepen.io/denisinvader/pen/jVXWLb


I can type html tags in markdown:)


Hi guys, could I have some reviews on my Markdown Prevewer project. http://codepen.io/bernarddoci/full/ENGNdM/


Yes you can. I just pipe the input through the library…


Very good, like the use of SCSS and the shades, it’s a nice touch.


There is sanitize option in marked.js.
Just write:

  sanitize: true

And app will be safer. We can’t trust the user)