Let's discuss your "Personal Portfolio Webpage"

Let's discuss your "Personal Portfolio Webpage"


Hi there. Here’s my potrfolio page: http://codepen.io/hodakkm/full/MJgadJ/. I went back and forth a few times on the design. The third image under the portfolio section links to a previous version that I thought was a bit too busy.



Hi all. Here’s my personal portfolio page. I’ve tried to use the Bootstrap carousel to make the display a bit more interesting.

Project Link - http://codepen.io/electronicdreamplant/full/BQXgdE/


Hi Jay,

I like the clean, minimalist design of your page and look forward to seeing the portfolio fleshed out with future projects. I agree with the previous post about the font size in the nav bar but am ok with the grey color scheme. However, I found this color matching tool in the forum recently that’s helped me put colors together: http://paletton.com/


I really like it, Lais! The only feedback I have is to consider adding target="_blank" to your social media and portfolio links in a new window. Congrats on a super nice design.


Hi everybody!
I have created my first Personal Portfolio Webpage http://codepen.io/annasvst/full/MbNEKZ/. Would really appreciate any feedback.

Got stuck with the contact form on the last page. It doesn’t work properly. I want an email to be sent directly from the webpage without opening email client but did not find the way to do it.
Is it possible to send email from a form without using PHP?


I love this simple and clean!!!

[solved] Getting stared on a Portfolio Website?
I get stuck at Portfolio Page

This is my portfolio- I am aware it still needs work, though all feedback is appreciated.
I like minimal functional design, so I built my portfolio with this intent…I feel it is functional …and possibly too minimal.


I like your porfolio page. It looks just enough simple. It’s also easy to navigate through the sections. As a suggestion, I would add the contact me section (or remove the button at the top if prefered not to).


Project link - http://codepen.io/abarcaanthony/pen/woLaEO

Any feedback or tips are appreciated!


My project
Tell me what you guys think! Be brutal!

Started doing the project without bootstrap. Realized that bootstrap is better than me with responsive design, so I ended up using it.

I don’t us codepen. I think its important to know how to deploy things and set up a local environment so I hosted it on heroku as a static site

Things i plan to do:

  • Add information to "Resume"
  • add a contact form to email me
  • make background picture more mobile friendly

Im going to complete to-dos as im filling in my portfolio, but it is done for now, and i want to move on

Let me know your thoughts!


Pay attention to padding within containers.


Hey, feramoond, thank you for your feedback!
I not saw this detail on footer, is wrong, i going to modify.
Really, the background on the form is too dark, i going to test other colors.

Thank’s again and Happy New Year!


Hi Ben. Question: How did you implement the line under “Portfolio”. It looks good


It is just a border-bottom on the div that has <h2>Portfolio</h2> inside of it.


Don’t laugh, this took me two weeks but it is my baby lol.

How can I organize my elements better to reduce the clutter? I would also like to style my form to have custom text fields and submit buttons, any suggestions.

Any feedback will be reciprocated!


Hi, everyone.
Here is my project link - https://codepen.io/codeRevital/full/NbQdVN/
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi FFC! First of all, let me thank all the whole community as there’s always someone willing to help! You guys are great!

**Here’s my Portfolio Page Challenge! **

Secondly, I made up my mind this 2017 with the #100DaysOfCode Challenge (check out Twitter or GitHub in case you haven’t signed up yet!), and I’ve commited to progress throught FCC’s tutorial learning as much as I can. I’ve started my Portfolio page a few days ago, and I’ve found myself feeling so dumb so many times, as it is WAY more different to follow up a tutorial where everything is “laboratory-like”, meaning that every parameter is contained and controlled. Building a project from scratch… Even though is something easy as a portfolio page… Well, it represented a big challenge for me. I couldn’t understand how Bootstrap’s Navbars worked until today! Hahahahaha
The cool thing is that, by building this project, I immersed myself in research and I think I finally got to start understanding the grid system, navbars and basic css layout! =D Ty again FCC and Quincy Larson! Hahaha

Thirdly, I would really appreciate any kind of suggestions, comments, feedback… whatever you feel about guys! I’ve just started coding about 9-10 days ago, from scratch, having no idea about code, so I understand that my portfolio page won’t be really that great and its code won’t be the more efficient. That’s why I’m here! To learn! :grin: So any feedback is welcome!

Lastly, and I apologize if this sections isn’t the most appropriate to ask this question, the thing is that I’ve got two problems:

  • On Safari and Chrome browsers, I’ve got no problem with the .hover function that colors the icons when you pass the mouse through them, but Mozilla shows them grey always and doesn’t respond to .hover function.
    The other problem I’ve got is again with the .hover function:
  • It doesn’t make any sense to establish a .hover function in smartphones as small devices are touchscreens. Is there a way to establish every icon as .active so as to show them colored full time in smartphones, and maintain the .hover function in large screens?
    I would like to point out that I’m 101% new to code and my knowledge in JavaScript is zero, so… Any kind of CSS/HTML formatting? Because I don’t want to Copy&Paste a code that haven’t been written by me: I feel like that’s not really helping to learn…

Anyway, thank you all SO MUCH!

Happy coding, and remember: Sharing is Power! =)


Hello everyone!

I’d like to share my portfolio page project. It doesn’t have all the necessary functionalities (e.g. I don’t recieve messages on my email box, also no js code yet), but will do that later. Feedback much appreciated!



Hi Campers!
Here is solution for my Personal Portfolio Webpage project: http://codepen.io/OlenkaH/full/apdWgK
I’ve tried to implement pure css masonry style for portfolio section.
Would appreciate any feedback.


Here is mine. Feedback welcomed. Thanks!

Project link - https://codepen.io/iron7267/full/NboNej