Let's discuss your "Random Quote Machine"

Let's discuss your "Random Quote Machine"


Project Link - https://codepen.io/penpendesarapen/full/GyBBOe/

My sister made a bunch of movie quote posters for fun a few years ago, so I decided to just use that. Decided to go with a simple design as well. Hope it turned out alright.


Project Link - https://codepen.io/LetsZiggy/full/rrrrYb/


Here is my random quote machine: https://codepen.io/ODGonz/pen/ppxywO/
Any feedback is appreciated!
The only problem I’m still encountering is keeping my buttons from jumping when the quote is too big.
Thanks in advance!


Here is my project
I’ll be appreciated for any feedbacks. Thanks in advance!


Hi everyone!
Look at my little dramatic Random Quote Machine.
If you find some bug, tell me, please!
my codepen project


Nice background! My little recommendation - add cursor: pointer for button. It will look more clear, i think.
And, if you no planned verticale scroll, add overflow: hidden to body.
That’s all. Good luck.


I like your quote app! I especially like that one can follow the Wikipedia link to find more about the author. When viewed on a mobile the image intersects with the buttons of the app and makes readability a little less clean.


I fix it added max-width: 50%, now looks better. Thanks!


I appreciate your feedback! I like cursor:pointer, it looks better and clearer as you said. I also didn’t know that I can limit vertical scroll, so thanks for helping me and making me find out new things.


Please I need corrections; there are many things I think I didn’t do well on my Random Quote machine; twitter for instance - what should I do?
Project Link - https://codepen.io/Perkyprince/full/YeYbyq/


I tried to make it similar to the one in the example.
Project Link - https://codepen.io/jfar/pen/oEMaOm

Would love some feedback. Thank you


Hello all! Here is my Random Quote Machine (dark theme).


Project Link - https://codepen.io/nyytang/full/VQaxgm


I like the twitter icon next to the author, it looks very nice!


I have finished my “Random Quote Machine.” Any feedback welcome! I used only vanilla Javascript instead of Ajax/JQuery. Wes Bos’ ES6 For Everybody course was helpful for this, but it is a paid course and I think you can find the same type of information about promises on his JS30 course.


Project link here: https://codepen.io/grixs/pen/MQxoza

Just started coding about a month ago, so it’s pretty simplistic (and probably inefficient). Feedback most welcome!


hi @Grixxs: nice design/colors. However, it seems you’re not getting your quotes from an API, which was the point of the challenge. :-o


Hi all! I’d really appreciate some feedback on my pen.

Project Link - https://codepen.io/berrybell/full/wybmLx/


My Quote Quiz

So I took a slight tangent and made a little quiz app for the quotes that can be toggled on or off. Getting a couple of errors over my Json if anyone can help. It still works fine. Built using vanilla JS apart from Bootstrap dependence on JQuery.

Things that helped me outside of FCC : Colt Steele’s marvellous web developer course on udemy. I finished the whole front end section. Also Traversy Medias Json crash course on youtube (but I feel I’ll get better at that by trying some backend stuff) and animate.css for my buttons.


I’ve built this project in jQuery, AngularJS, and React.

jQuery – source code, demo
AngularJS – source code, demo
React – source code, demo

The jQuery version is also viewable on CodePen https://codepen.io/autumnchris/full/rOjyPm

Feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: