Let's discuss your "Twitch.tv App"

Let's discuss your "Twitch.tv App"


what browser are you using?. I have tested it with firefox and chrome and it is working. does it give you any error message??. It is wierd. I have used a filter function to an array and to its result I use the same function to read the json content.


I’m using Chrome. When I search for a username, it just removes all of the content below the search box. No error message. It looks like it works for names in your array though.


Project Link – http://codepen.io/Velenir/full/qNyryq/


Project Link - https://grygier94.github.io/TwitchApp/


Eventually there are a couple more capabilities I’d like to add, but here’s an initial version that does at least everything the user stories detail. :slight_smile: Comments/feedback/suggestions/creative criticism always welcome!

Link here.




Here is my Twitch Viewer!
Might have a few bugs to fix, but other than that, I’m pretty proud of it!


Project link - http://codepen.io/iskye81/full/GqYmpy/


Project Link - http://codepen.io/kedskeds/full/pbxwbE/

Feedback is appreciated!


I’m not as happy with mine as I was with previous projects

Styling could be improved, I could only get the search function to work on click and not keypress - I forget what else I’m not happy with but it does at least pass the goals. Time to move on! Feedback welcomed.



I like your twitch.tv app.

One suggestion: I would replace “ALL USERS” with “ALL” on the upper right corner, or I would increase the width for the name so that ALL USERS fits in one line. What’s happening now is ALL has its own line and so does USERS. It gave me the impression that each line was an option to choose.

Good work!


Thanks for the feedback. I hadn’t thought about testing on small screens. Oops. I think I’ve got it sorted out now. At least, it works on my phone. :grin: Please let me know if you still have trouble with it.

Thanks again!


It took me a long time to complete this as i was busy with something at work but i didn’t lose motivation and kept at it. This isn’t responsive as i would liked it to be but it does scale well. Do check it out on a desktop/laptop to enjoy its full features. I haven’t incorporated full features on mobile version due to lack of time, and i would like to move on.


Any comments welcome


Project Link ─ FreeCodeCamp : Use the Twitchtv JSON API

I decided to go ahead and start learning about React.js and Jade. So far, so good. I have still a lot to learn about React, but today was fun.

I tried to maintain the code as simple and clean as possible.

Feedback is really appreciated! :wink:


I’ve just finished this Twitch project too!
I’m not really happy with the design, I would have liked to make it look less “Bootstrap”, but hey it works, there’s always room for improvement. jQuery makes eveything so easy it feels like cheating. Can’t wait to make the next projects!

(It’s full of comments so it should be easy to understand what everything does.)


Here’s my project:


I spent too much time making sure this working and feel like I’ve negelected the overall design. I’d say i’m only 80% satisfied with this build of mine, so will probably come back to it later and jazz it up a bit more. For now I’m just keen to keep progressing!



Project Link - http://codepen.io/Mozar10/full/pEvEbP/

Here is mine. If you click on the Twitch Streamers heading it resets.



It looks like all the logos are of the same account. Aside from that looks great imo.