LinkedIn Premium account...worth it?

LinkedIn Premium account...worth it?


Does anyone has Linked Premium account? If so, is it worth? Has anything changed since you’ve upgraded your account?


Yes, if you are looking for a job actively, it is definitely worth it. For one thing, you get a few InMail’s per month which you can use to contact hiring manager’s directly.



I have it,
Linkedin Premium Account is useful to give you an idea about the jobs where you are more likely to be a top applicant, based on the skills you put in your linkedin profile.

As for the Inmail mentioned above, I am not sure of their usefulness and result.

Besides, you have access to private groups that are interesting to take a look at for advice on how to get a job and how/ share your story.
You have access to learning material as well.


I just switched to a month long LinkedIn premium free trial earlier this week - imo being able to send inmail is really valuable. I was able to reach out personally to a job poster and already received a phone interview. It feels less like you’re just throwing resumes/ cover letters into a void when you can have a direct personal connection!


My friend didn’t have any luck through LinkedIn, but she was not seeking a IT job. Hopefully the tech-sector works better through LinkedIn?
Good luck!!!