Links to Curriculum and News from Forum?

Links to Curriculum and News from Forum?

I found this other forum post discussing this issue from a couple years back: A link back to the is necessary on the forum

And people suggest just using bookmarks, or one person noted that you can go to the FAQ section of the forums and then return from there.

But doesn’t it just make more sense to have the links at the top? Especially considering the Curriculum and News both have it, it would make it more stylistically consistent across all the pages.

I know it’s a minor nitpick, but when I’m on mobile it’s a slight inconvenience. And it seems from an accessibility point of view, having to go through the forum menu to the FAQ and then back to the main page, and THEN to the News seems a bit tedious no?

I agree on the usefulness of this

Meanwhile you could go to the news through the #news-comments section