Linux Mint or Ubuntu?

Linux Mint or Ubuntu?


I have both and ready to do a fresh install. Wanting to know which is better for programming. I have windows 10 but I am not a fan at all.
Any help deciding would be appreciated.


They’re both pretty solid distros. MATE (or Cinnamon) on Linux Mint will resemble Windows the most, if that’s something you’d like.


‘Better for programming’ depends on what you want, but you’ll find they are essentially the same from a programmer’s perspective.

You’ll want a decent terminal and a decent editor…and that’s about it :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 and have no complaints.

I like being able to switch desktops with hotkeys, so I usually have my code editor on one desktop, terminals on another, a browser with live versions of the site I’m working on in the third and then my Docs, Trello, Github stuff open on the fourth. Once you get used to the hotkeys it’s like having four monitors :slight_smile:


For web stuff it won’t matter much, but in other areas it shows that bubuntu and debian have older packages and therefore toolchains. I would suggest open suse tumbleweed instead.

edit: oh wait, browsers! Definitely go for something with rolling releases.