Load up. Strap in. Roll out. freeCodeCamp Backpacks Are Here. πŸŽ’

Load up. Strap in. Roll out. freeCodeCamp Backpacks Are Here. πŸŽ’

Backpacks are to developers what shells are to turtles - essential parts of their bodies.

Backpacks distribute the weight of books, laptops - and pilfered snacks - across your entire upper body. They free your hands for hugs and high-fives.

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Forgive me if I missed it, but up to what size laptop will this backpack comfortably hold?


PS. I just bought one any ways. LOL!

I would still like an answer to this :slight_smile: It looks great!

@QuincyLarson The demo video is good, but the bag’s specs/dimensions would be nice as well. I have a larger laptop so knowing the laptop pocket dimensions or the dimensions of the largest laptop the bag could hold would be a great piece of info to have to help seal the deal on these bags which look very nice by the way.

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Hi Robert, the backpack is big enough for my 15" MacBook Pro but may not be able to accommodate a laptop much bigger than that.

If such a backpack size would still be useful for you, I encourage you to order one :+1:

Bummer. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 which is a bit larger than a 15" MacBook Pro.
(15.35” w/10.62”d/1.06h vs 14.35"w/9.82"d/.95"h)

The packs do look nice and I would also encourage anyone, who has a laptop that’ll fit, to buy one before they’re gone!

I just measured, and it would be a close fit. About 14.5" wide by 10.5" tall. I wouldn’t recommend trying to fit it as it may strain the backpack and the zipper.

Thanks for helping spread the word, though.

I saw in the last Quinc-E-mail :tm: that the backpacks have started shipping, so now I have to try extra-hard to be patient. :smiley:

Quincy, I just got my backpack. It’s smaller then I expected. My question is; can I return it?

Quick snap between going to the mailbox and heading out to work. :grin: