Login Issue - Sign In Buttons not functioning!

Login Issue - Sign In Buttons not functioning!


Tried to login via the four login options however buttons are not responsive. All chromes Javascript enabled. Please help

FreeCodeCamp Curriculum Page Tells Me To Sign In When I Have Already Signed In

There is only one login option. You provide your email address, check your email, and paste in the code that FCC sent you.


Sorry I meant all i see when I click the login is the four selections for continuing through google, github, facebook, and email. No other user input available. When I click on any of these they are not responsive. I’ve also tried different browsers, same issue.




There are buttons for helping people connect old accounts that didn’t have an email address by adding an email address. The only way to sign in is via email. Don’t click any social media buttons. Just put your email address in the box.