London study group - introduce yourself!

London study group - introduce yourself!

Hello everyone,

Born and raised in Austin, I’m a Senior Computer Science student at The University of Texas at Arlington.

During my studies, I have developed many programs, such as a Connect 4 game in Java implementing an AI opponent, an algorithm in C for finding optimal routes between cities using heuristics, and an HTTP server in Java.

I am the Founder of a personal finance website. Additionally, I have been a member of The Alpha Tau Omega - America’s Leadership Development Fraternity at UT Arlington for 4 years.

I hope to use my programming skills to work on more advanced and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Information Security technologies.


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Hi, my name is Mahesh. When I started this course, I knew very little about HTML and CSS.
Even less about Javascript.
In initial enthusiasm, I completed Front end Certification. I wrote about my journey Here. (Wow, that was nearly 3 years ago. Since then, I have been struggling to find way forward, meandering between Data Visualization and back-end.
I have spent last 12 months doing other things. As I am unable to multitask, FCC has been on back burner.
Recently, I spent time learning PHP by writing a Wordpress Plugin. Normal coder would have done this in couple of weks. It has taken me months & months.
Couple of days ago, I mentioned to one of my twin sons that, having completed this Plugin, I think I understand Functions and OOP.
He said " Not really. You are using functions as subroutines!!".

So I think I eed to get back to Javascript and start doing those challenges.
My problem is my brain still recides in the last century.
Ohh, and talking about last century, I thought I would share a little snapshot about life in last century.

Warning: this is not about coding!

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Great to hear from you again Mahesh! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I read your article either - I still recommend it to anyone who thinks it might be too late to learn to code, or in fact to learn any new skill.

I’d be interested to understand what your son means. I suspect it may just be a difference of semantics, but let’s chat about it tomorrow if you’re at the meetup!

And that’s another amazing story, thanks for sharing! (The link at the bottom - You can read about the case and judgement here. seems to be broken though, perhaps you could ask the Rights Info admins to fix it?)

Thanks Matt. Yes, it has been a long time.
You are right about the link. It’s Runnymead Trust site and they seem to have removed the histories section. I will see if I can find the content elsewhere. If I do,I will post here.
Look forward to seing you tomorrow.

Found copy of the text for the Judgement. I have posted it on my Drive
I’ll alert Rights Info admins. Thanks Matt

Hi All,

I am Alice. I moved to London from Taiwan years ago. I decided to be a developer and have been dedicated to learn HTML/CSS/JS since November of 2017. I completed a couple to FCC’s projects as practice and displaying the result on my portfolio to show what I am able to do. I started to look for a front-end developer position from November of 2918 and after around 6 months I finally got my first front-end developer job!!! Precisely, I just got my offer letter yesterday!!! I am excited and nervous!!!

In addition to utilizing my programming skill in job, I also want to contribute it to non-profit organizations whose core values are also important to me. Welcome to reach out if you know some non-profit which might need help!!


Thanks for sharing Alice, congrats once again!

Hi :slight_smile:
I am Marina, originally from Bulgaria but have been calling London “home” for the past 10 years. I started learning HTML/CSS at the end of 2017, because I decided I wanted to change career. Having so many different sources to learn from got me a bit confused, so I started looking for a place with more structured teaching and found a charity organisation called ELATT (East London Advanced Technology Training), where I enrolled in their Web Design and Development Course. I completed level 2 in April, which covered HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and SQL. I am now looking for a front-end junior web developer, but from the looks of it, I might be getting a bit ahead of myself. :sweat_smile:
I decided to join FCC to potentially meet up with like minded people, hear about other peoples’ journeys and get some advice on.


Hi Marina, that’s great, hope to see you at a meetup soon!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Mike, I dabbled in a bit of C# as part of a game design Uni course that I didn’t end up sticking with (young Mike was a bit of a party animal). Now 9 years down the line I’m starting again from the ground up on FCC with a view to switching careers, currently working my way through the Responsive Web Design module (so a long way to go!)

It’s not easy to fit learning in around my day job working in a school office, but I do get all the holidays off which is a massive advantage, hoping to get a fair bit done over the coming summer break!

I’m enjoying it all so far, and the community here on the forums seems really supportive and helpful, so hopefully I’ll be able to stick it out this time.

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Hi Mike, good luck on the second attempt! We have a meetup on Tuesday if you can make it, so hopefully see you there :slight_smile:

Very good morning to all.

A couple of years ago I graduated from university, computer science, however, I haven’t worked in the field since, this due to personal reasons.
I recently discovered this amazing website after watching a video on the YouTube channel.
For now, I’m interested in learning first FrontEnd development and then move along accordingly. For now, I am working part-time so I have plenty of time to study, even though we’re in summer.

So far my curriculum progress is at ‘Applied Visual Design’.

Anyway, if anyone wants to team up and study together, motivates each other and help each other in this journey, send me a private message and we will take from there.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Hi Eos, welcome and good luck! Hope you can join us at a meetup soon. And if you’re looking to set up a smaller study group, consider posting in the #study-groups channel of our Slack group!

Hi all,

I am Amadeu, I am currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am a native System Administrator and have been working in the IT industry since my 18s. I always worked with Network, System Administration and Cyber Security related subjects, in 2015 I started a journey in the cryptocurrency industry and in 2017 I started managing a team of blockchain developers and I realized that I needed to learn some coding even an intermediate level of JavaScript and Python would make me happy to understand the bunch of API integration we do. I am here to become a full stack developer and ready to learn from the community I have defined my learning path as follow:

*** HTML**

*** CSS**

*** JavaScript**

*** Database(SQL, MongoDB etc)**

*** Frameworks**

*** Python**

*** Java**

And I am looking forward to have your support. By the way I am 32, and I have couple of motivating histories of people here learning coding at 45 plus years old which I believe there is no really the right age to learn.

Glad to be here.

Awesome Maria :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I am new in fcc. worked in HPE and DXC technology as System engineer and wanted to move to development project. I have core java , js, html css , sql, linux knowledge. Please help me to do java based project.

Hi everyone,
My name is Rajesh and I have been working as UI Engineer for the past 6 years.
My tech stack includes: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS and Designing.
I started learning NodeJS and React Native.
It is good to see people with different skills.
You can find @

Hi there my names Jamie, I’m 25 and I work full time as a ceiling fixer around the south of the UK and have been for 7 years.

I have never known what I have truly wanted to do with my life in terms of work or profession, and I have always been worried that I’ll never get to flex my abilities to get the most out of life, and help others do so to. I have settled for what I currently know best and that is secure. (And that pays the bills)

When I found FCC it was almost like someone had turned on the metaphorical light I’ve been trying to find the switch for for all these years! I can now literally make stuff, get stuck into projects and do new awesome things everyday. I am telling all my friends and family about what I’m learning and achieving, but I think they may switch off when I start talking nowadays haha.

I have always struggled to fit in and found myself a bit of a “sheep” when at school and college, thus leading to terrible decisions through growing up and not really using my energy for good. I used to get Into trouble and waste all my time doing stupid stuff growing up.

Recently (the last 8 months) I have used every waking second of my free time to learn coding, read books, spend time with my family (my 18th birthday party was in a pub with all the family present, and i decided not to turn up. Mum was heart broken)(I have since treated my mum with ultimate respect and made up for being a doughnut), focusing on bettering myself in every aspect of my life and getting involved in productive activities. (Mainly on my own)

I am now really wanting to meet some new friends within the tech space, keep my knowledge growing and just be around nice friendly people who i can get along with, talk about coding, go for coffee, talk websites and so on. It would be great to pass on any knowledge I have that will benefit others too. (I don’t know a lot but a little can go a long way) (I can fix holes in ceilings and walls pretty well to;)

Anyway sorry for the long and boring post, it feels great to have got this out and thank you if you made it this far!

Have a great day.

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Hi Jamie, definitely not a boring post at all! It’s great to hear how much fun you’re having learning to code. Hope to see you at a meetup soon :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m pvpizza :slight_smile:

I am an IT lecturer who has been teaching computing at college and uni level for the last 10 years. I deal mainly in programming with an emphasis on Java

I am looking to transition from my role to a software development role. I was quite surprised by how much more I needed to learn to be competitive considering I don’t have any industry experience.

So I’m back to square one brushing up on Java, learning spring and trying to find a junior/entry role

Found this great community where I’m hoping to learn more and work on my web skills as well

Wishing you all well

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Hi, i’m vincent

I am a computer operator who only type and print for customers, i just finished secondary school waiting for my admission to a university.

I love typing and computer games, but i really want to learn java with coding. I’ve looked for teachers but to no avail till i found this website.

I have not done this before any of them both java, coding and so on.

thank you for accepting me into your community.

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