Looking an angular mentor

Looking an angular mentor

Hi everyone!! I’ve recently learned all about angular and am looking for a seasoned angular developer that I can ask questions, advice, etc, any takers??

There are a few people on this forum who have experience with Angular. Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

Thanks, I will, but I was kind of looking for a more personal contact. Sometimes it’s easier for me to send a private message than ask a question that everyone can see, I was the guy in class that waited until after class to talk to the professor about all my questions lol

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Developing a fruitful mentor/mentee relationship rarely comes from an open call for mentors on a public forum.

As someone that does mentor others I usually look for a degree of independence and initiative in the people I mentor.

The people that usually reach out to me do so with a comment such as, “Hey I saw your post/comment/video about {x}. Could you explain {concept} to me - I’m having trouble understanding it”.

This shows me that they a) have done some ground work, b) shown the initiative in finding a person that was relevant to their needs, and c) aren’t asking for a major commitment from me up front.

Now point c isn’t to suggest that some of these connections don’t develop into longer term mentoring relationships - they absolutely do. But they show me that you are mindful of the fact that you are asking someone to donate their time to you and it’s polite to imply that that’s not going to be overly burdensome.

Caveat: I know bugger all about Angular :wink:


One of my professors specifically asked for students to ask for help in class publicly, so others can benefit from others mistakes, and mis-understandings. The prof also said “we are here to learn, and part of that is asking questions”. I personally consider this professor to be the best damn teacher I’ve ever had, not only for those reasons above, but for a number of others I don’t need to mention.

I believe most of the time looking for private individual help is a side-effect of two things.

  1. Imposture syndrome - asking for help makes it seem like “your a fake for needing help in the first place”.
  2. You need someone who “knows” what they are doing, because you don’t
    I believe both of these reasons are not very good and are probably wrong in most cases.

The thought of exposing ones self as not knowing something might sound like a frightening concept, but its not and shouldn’t be. Not knowing something and seeking knowledge is a key part of intelligence. Knowing what you don’t know is one of the first steps in learning anything. Doing it publicly only increases the chances of getting better answers. (kinda like how Stack Overflow works) Asking for help privately individually could even be seen as “selfish” in a sense, even if that is not the intent, as someone else down the line doesn’t have access to what ever help you gained.

Asking 1 person for help also gives you a very opinionated, limited point of learning. Its easy to assume the mentor knows everything about everything, but lets be serious no one does.

Often the answer(s) you seek have already been asked, and can be found with enough digging (thanks google). You can always look to lean on someone else’s experience, but there is nothing stopping you from gaining it directly yourself.

I’m not against asking for direct individual help, I only want to point out that most of the time people look for it for the wrong reasons.

PS. Like Ariel said, if you have Angular related questions, ask them and any of the Angular devs on the forum will answer them to the best of their ability. StackOverflow is a great resource to find answers (and ask questions if you know what your doing :wink: ) Angular’s gitter chat is another place to get help/support, there is the repo’s github for direct framework help/issues and good old google for anything in-between.


You can pay someone from India 700 dollars a month to work with you full time in a mentorship role. There’s sites out there just make sure they’re legit.