Looking for a JS framework somewhere between React/Angular/Vue and jQuery?

Looking for a JS framework somewhere between React/Angular/Vue and jQuery?



I was curious; are there any frameworks that have the advantages of frameworks like React/Angular/Vue, yet maintain the simplicity of integration like jQuery?

I love the little I have learned about React/Vue/Angular, but I have concerns about the tooling needed, setup work, maintenance, new user on-boarding, etc., to use these frameworks. Also, most things I build don’t require such robust architecture.

Can anyone suggest a framework that doesn’t need all the overhead yet still offers some/all the amenities of the larger/more popular frameworks?

While I want to continue learning Angular/React, I find that I usually need something a bit better than jQuery, but not as robust as Vue/React/Angular.

My dream framework would be something that doesn’t need to be compiled, plays nicely with jQuery/other pure JS scripts/plugins, and can be ran on a more traditional server-side rendered site; for example, I use Java framework (Spark) to handle routes, render pages/templates, etc. Then, I’d like to use a lighter-weight, easier to grok JS framework to handle data-binding, some routing, and inner-page SPA functionality.

Does such a JS framework exist?

Sorry if I sound like a noob. I’m trying to get out of the jQuery plugin world …

P.S. One concern I have about not using React or Vue, for example, is that any other framework might not look as “good” on a resume. Don’t get me wrong, I want to pick the best tool for the job, but I also want to keep my skills competitive.

Thanks so much for the help!


Maybe you could try Polymer or ember?


Maybe you could try Polymer or ember?

Thanks! I’ll check those out.


Please have a look at this: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2018/02/jquery-vue-javascript/
Vue.js is a progressive framework and being incrementally adoptable is key.
Please have a look at the documentation: https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/
If you are familiar with jquery then Vue.js is best for your use case: No Build Step Necessary.


Other articles:


Thank you @HoraceKeung! I really appreciate the help, linkages, and assistance!

I think you’re spot on! Since posting this I have been looking around, and Vue keeps bubbling to the top of my list.

Reading through articles now.

I’m going to keep doing my research, but I think all signs point to Vue for a lot of the projects I work on. :slight_smile:

Thanks a billion for the help!!!