Looking for feedback for my tribute page 🎉

Looking for feedback for my tribute page :tada:


Hey guys!
I just finished my first project. I would really appreciate if you guys check it out and provide some feedback :smile: . Also, no matter what i did I wasn’t able to make my page responsive to the window size…please help me out here.
Here’s the URL https://codepen.io/krutijain/full/ZxPMbo/
Any feedback is welcome.
Tysm :heart:


Very good :sparkles: but not completely responsive (resize the browser window to see).
I don’t like the high contrast white on black. You are mixing styles too. One or the other would look better.


thank you so much for the feedback. I have no idea how to make my page responsive…please help me out if you can :sweat_smile:

p.s. i changed the contrast up a bit.


Read up on layout in Bootstrap https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/layout/overview/