Looking for feedback on my first ever site! Tribute page

Looking for feedback on my first ever site! Tribute page


Hello, I’m looking for advice and feedback on my site, which can be found with this link: https://codepen.io/Jesse-Cusser/full/zEjdXz/

I’m highly self critical, and I know the site could be improved, I’ve only been coding for less than a week, so I’m eager for feedback, I’m hoping mainly for advice on my code, which could be cleaned up. If anyone could give me tips on any coding conventions I’ve accidentally broken, or just way’s I could do things with less code that would be awesome. Advice on my pages aesthetics, and font suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for your time.


Hi, so far the tribute page is looking pretty good. The responsiveness of the page is good and the font choice is fine.

Code Review after a brief look

  1. Put the CSS into the CSS section. From what I know, generally you try to keep the CSS and the HTML parts separate in any project

  2. Not really a big deal but commenting the code so you can see clearly when one section begins and another starts makes

  3. If you are going to start a new section of the website then after closing the div maybe put a line space there

    So just before the summary button row you put a line space then a comment above the next div like this

  4. For <img> there is no need for </img>

Design points

  1. You had id and class names for each section such introduction , summary so you might as well put headings in the webpage so you have Introduction , Publications and Personal Attachment or something along those lines

  2. Last section has a typo on first line its meant to be “Instead of doing of what was expected of him” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  3. The picture and text doesn’t look aligned properly I think

Hope that helps


Thank you so much for your feedback, incredibly helpful advice. Looking forward to applying it!