Looking for feedback on Portfolio Project

Looking for feedback on Portfolio Project


Need feedback on my portfolio page.
I started using one of @P1xt guides, and I decided to redo my Portfolio Page.
Any feedback on it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Your Portfolio is looks great. Really good start. The first thing that struck my attention was when you scrolled down the text was overlapping the nav bar. I don’t know if that is what you wanted but It looked confusing for me. Also on a side note I would put your skills right at the top by your name so it is the fist thing people see. Granted this is just my observation and I think it is looking really good. Great Job.


Thanks for the feedback. The overlap of the nav bar was intended. I made it transparent. I’m looking to animate it to become opaque once you scroll past the home section after I’ve learnt javascript.


I feel compelled to point out that you’ve missed a golden opportunity to put “I am the Bestmann for the job” somewhere on that page.


You’d be surprised how many people have pointed that out to me. :grinning:
I plan to add a few more things after I’ve studied up on Javascript and DOM manipulation