Looking for free hosting with SSH

Looking for free hosting with SSH

I’m looking for free hosting with SSH - I’d like to give it a go.

I can’t find anywhere with free SSH access.

Thank you!

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Unless you can spare a few dollars a month, or even a year, it might be somewhat hard.

I quickly googled and the closest I could find was the site below, but with the restriction that you can only ssh through their web interface.


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Okay, thanks. That’s a pity.


Amazon Web Services


Yes, it’s only a year. But realistically, you wouldn’t know where you’d be in a year. What they offer you free of charge is so much more than what you can expect of free web hosting providers.

If after a year you get hooked on cloud hosting, you may look into the cheaper alternatives. Such as Digital Ocean.


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Not free but the website lowendbox.com reviews many different server hosts on the cheap.


Hi you can try https://www.000webhost.com and https://www.cloudflare.com