Looking for Javascript mentor

Looking for Javascript mentor


I have been code javascript for half year now and I think I my level still stay the same so I am looking for a javascript mentor who want to help out and guild me.


You may want to contact @noelosaur—have a look at this thread. :slight_smile:


Thank you but how do I contact him?


Never mind. I messaged him already.



if you still need help with JavaScript, you can ping me: http://hromnik.com



I live in EST time. Is it work for you if we pair?


Hi can you help me to learn JavaScript? I’m a newB


Hi! @krittiyaclark @Chester19 I can help. I’m in EST zone (ON, Canada). Lemme know :+1:


Hi how can I contact you if I have something problem that I can’t solve :slight_smile:


If you can not solve a problem, you can post a question on the forum where there are many of us who can help you.


See here: Looking for pair programming anyone?


Please contact me in a private message.


I also need someone to help me out with JavaScript


@krittiyaclark @mr.babra it’s a very bad idea to post your emails on a public forum. There are no rules against it, but for your own safety you may want to take them down. You can exchange sensitive information in a private message.


@mr.babra I agree with @PortableStick. Please remove these posts. If you want to give or get any sensitive or personal information like this please use a private message. I’ve your emails so don’t worry about that.