Looking for offline tool/editor to carry on coding

Looking for offline tool/editor to carry on coding


Hello there,
I’m looking for offline editor/tool I could use to carry on learning/practicing HTLML, CSS and JS.
I’m going on holidays for 10 days and Internet access is very in doubt.
Could anyone help me please?



thank you. Visual studio! forgot hehe. Important one. Will be using Windows as well, so will download it.
Thank you again.


Keep in mind Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are different programs (https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-difference-between-Visual-Studio-Code-vs-Visual-Studio-2015-RC). Probably you don’t need Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code is what will suite your needs.


@adrianafowler check out Atom it’s awesome written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Yeah, that’s right, it’s an app but written in web technologies. It works great and it’s easy to use. Doesn’t need internet connection to work with that and it’s free. It’s been developed by people at GitHub.


Check out notepad++. I do a lot of coding on it and run HTML,CSS,Javascript on local machine.


I think Atom is a good choice, I use as my primary editor even for Python scripts.


I’m new to web coded c++ ,c for a year , ruby for 6 months tried everyone of sublime atom , bracket , vs code .

for many months sublime was my goto and usually testing atom and bracket for few days every month but they were shit in front of sublime but when i started vs code 2 months back i was surprised as it was better than sublime .

VS Code is hands down best coding text editor


thank you! very much :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome :slight_smile: other similar code editor to Atom is Brackets. I don’t know what hardware you have in your computer but on typical office computer Brackets was very laggy for me. Sometimes I had to wait couple seconds for editor to remove characters after pressing backspace.


Visual Studio Code is my personal favorite :slight_smile:


I second the Visual Studio Code recommendation… works on both PC and Mac too.

Brackets does have the nice feature of having its own very simple web server built-in (i.e. the Live Preview)

UPDATE: If you really want to work offline, setup your own web and database server too… with just one click install.


This is not important for the OP, as he is using Windows, but for anyone who uses Linux (Ubuntu and similar), I recommend Atom. I was using Visual Studio Code, but it was buggy on Lubuntu - for example, if you try to open your .js file from file explorer, it would often open a blank file, although it definitely is not blank - you have to open the file from within the VSC. All in all, it was frustrating. Atom works good on Linux and it has some great addons (terminal, code checkers/linters…).


What I’ve always been using is Brackets. It used to be Adobe Edge Code CC, but they made it free software now (so it’s a really nice editor). If you have Google Chrome, you can also live-preview webpages you’re working on in it. I’ve been using it for about a couple years now, and it’s great!