Lost a LOT of motivation :'( &Feeling lost

Lost a LOT of motivation :'( &Feeling lost

I also recommend #100daysofcode. Posting your progress every day on Twitter and being in that community really helps keep you on track.


Hey! Still didn’t get into it I am working on a product landing page that I designed before coding :slight_smile:.
Still keeping it in my mind :slight_smile: and bookmark :slight_smile:.

Thanks again to everyone!



"Motivation is like taking a bath. Once is not enough."

Spend time regularly to remind yourself of your goals especially your short term goals -
Are they written down? You should have multiple goals: short term, achievable in weeks; mid-term that may take several smaller goals to achieve; long term - achievable in perhaps 6 to 10 months; long term that should take several months to years - achievable in maybe a year or even 2 years. Focusing on the things you can accomplish soon is how you stay motivated.

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Don’t focus on becoming a web developer, focus on the next thing on the list. “Web Developer” will happen whether you want it to or not if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Lots of good advice and thoughts here. I’ll leave one more. You have the benefit of time. Take advantage of it. It is your primary form of currency. You won’t ever have more time than you do today. Use it.

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I’ll take notes! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:.



Hi Tech,

Those frontend challenges don’t have to perfected into the tiniest detail. They have been designed for beginners. I somtimes see product landing and tribute pages that take my breath away, so beautiful. You don’t have to be able to do that just yet. These guys have been at it longer than just a few months (whatever they may tell you) Just get those challenges finished (even if your pages are not dancing around like puppies in a field) and go on to javascript. See what that does for you. Later, take some CSS course again. You will have forgotten stuff and you will need to refresh. (or rework the old challenges) And later do that again. Learn, get it done, move on. Come back later. As you do different things, you will find out what really suits you. (I strongly suspect you will enjoy JS a lot more) By the way, I hate CSS. Nothing ever works the way it is supposed to. I believe it is a separate talent. Talent! You have to be able look with the eye of a designer, understand the user and keep the guys at the backend happy. You have to be a stylist and yet functional, then you have to find ways to express that in code. It is extremely difficult.

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Firstly, keep up the good work. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps set small achievable goals.

Secondly, your post actually proves something to me. I am trying to suggest (not here) about setting up a group, for people who are learning via sites such as this. A safe place to meet, where you can get help from other learners, encouragement from others We all start off with good intentions, get stuck and have no where to turn, forums are great, but not quite the same as face to face meet.

We all need that helping hand sometimes to pull us up and say keep going.

Just keep going with what you are doing, take smaller steps, and above all have fun and enjoy it.

Hope this helps


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Well I did gain my motivation back I believe :slight_smile:. And I believe it is just a question of pulling throught the hard times. But you spoke some raw truth

takes notes

So thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Paul! You spoke some thruth too! :slight_smile: I have those places where I meet people but not for motivation for help. Try googling Kevin Powell and Caler Edwards discord communities :).
I am sure you will love it!

Thank you


I’m a little late to this but try not to feel guilty for burning out, sometimes it happens.

Imo the best thing you can do while you feel like this is to do anything code related that you might enjoy, and at least for 30 minutes a day. You’ll feel better about yourself and you might even get a project done.

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I highly recommend reading this article to not loose motivation - don’t give up and you will see results



I like the idea that “skills trump passion in the quest for work you love” and I recommend the book “so good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport

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Agreed! ““skills trump passion in the quest for work you love””

Thanks! :smiley:


This graph seems pretty accurate :slight_smile:. I’ll read the article thanks!


Hi, Thanks
I was thinking more local to me, I do use IRC. I was thinking for where I am having somewhere to meet up could be handy, so it is a social community of learners, we are not just stuck in front of screens.

Forums here are great anyway though or seem that way.

Just a case of reaching out to people.

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I think its the part of learning. Sometimes you fell all right then continue but sometimes you ll be collapsed.
Remember when you tried to learn how to ride a bike. You’ll continue and then you learn. Coding the same. Somethimes we forget it.

I have been studying almost 1 year. I collapsed so many times but i never gave up. I may so slow but who cares? I might not good as someone. And who cares? I like problem solving and i think coding is the same.

I did my way you should do it too. Just ignore the environment, pressure etc and dont forget enjoying what you are doing otherwise why should you do, right?

You’ll do it. Believe yourself.

Ps: I learn riding a bike when i’m 31 :grin:


Truth! :smiley:



Brother, same here, not feeling much confidence.
i started following this for the moment

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Omg thanks that looks like a good article.

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How far did you go with FreeCodeCamp?
I’m in Responsive Web Design Projects

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Yup I’m still there I’ve been doing C# a lot and no CSS but I have to get back to CSS ehehe ^^