Lost a LOT of motivation :'( &Feeling lost

Lost a LOT of motivation :'( &Feeling lost

Hey Paul! You spoke some thruth too! :slight_smile: I have those places where I meet people but not for motivation for help. Try googling Kevin Powell and Caler Edwards discord communities :).
I am sure you will love it!

Thank you

I’m a little late to this but try not to feel guilty for burning out, sometimes it happens.

Imo the best thing you can do while you feel like this is to do anything code related that you might enjoy, and at least for 30 minutes a day. You’ll feel better about yourself and you might even get a project done.

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I highly recommend reading this article to not loose motivation - don’t give up and you will see results



I like the idea that “skills trump passion in the quest for work you love” and I recommend the book “so good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport

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Agreed! ““skills trump passion in the quest for work you love””

Thanks! :smiley:

This graph seems pretty accurate :slight_smile:. I’ll read the article thanks!

Hi, Thanks
I was thinking more local to me, I do use IRC. I was thinking for where I am having somewhere to meet up could be handy, so it is a social community of learners, we are not just stuck in front of screens.

Forums here are great anyway though or seem that way.

Just a case of reaching out to people.

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I think its the part of learning. Sometimes you fell all right then continue but sometimes you ll be collapsed.
Remember when you tried to learn how to ride a bike. You’ll continue and then you learn. Coding the same. Somethimes we forget it.

I have been studying almost 1 year. I collapsed so many times but i never gave up. I may so slow but who cares? I might not good as someone. And who cares? I like problem solving and i think coding is the same.

I did my way you should do it too. Just ignore the environment, pressure etc and dont forget enjoying what you are doing otherwise why should you do, right?

You’ll do it. Believe yourself.

Ps: I learn riding a bike when i’m 31 :grin:


Truth! :smiley:


Brother, same here, not feeling much confidence.
i started following this for the moment

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Omg thanks that looks like a good article.

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How far did you go with FreeCodeCamp?
I’m in Responsive Web Design Projects

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Yup I’m still there I’ve been doing C# a lot and no CSS but I have to get back to CSS ehehe ^^

try drugs, try to look on things with different angles, cuz life is mostly depends on HOW we evaluate near by things and processes

“try drugs” Wut? Bad advice.

Hi Tech, with all that I can see I think that you learn and improve very very fast. Just keep up the good work! To be honest just last month I felt exactly what’s been described in your post, and right now I already got a Front end job, lol. Just don’t give up and you can make it!

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Keeps moving forward there is so many up and down but one day you reach you destiny

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Oh sh*t! LOL. Okay well I’ve ONLY been doing C# for a while now but thank you so much for your message gotta restart CSS and start JS :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything @tkhquang

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Thank you. Nice discussion. Need some motivation here.


I was thinking of having a partner for this FCC. I’m a bit out of track myself as well

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