Lukino999 - Product Landing Page feedback

Lukino999 - Product Landing Page feedback

Happy Good Friday everyone,

I just finished the Product Landing Page assignment and it was fun!!

Focus points:

  • offset the navigation link scrolling. By default, when clicking on nav link the top would be cut by the header.
  • finding the breaking points for the media queries.
  • finding copyright free images and building the logo.

Any feedback is very welcome!


Looks good, I recommend in the future adding a smooth scroll to your navbar buttons.



Apparently it is just a matter of adding this CSS line

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

Thank you very much!


looks not so good to be honest, but try to improve it more background

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the same thing try another background color


I would reduce the size of the navbar. There is a lot of space between the top of the screen and the actual content of the bar.


Hello Luke,

I say the menu items should be centered vertically.
You could add a hamburger menu for smaller screens.
The color combinations look great together.


Thanks for the replies!
I appreciate honest opinions :).


Project update

  • Header and body now use gradient background.
  • Logo and navbar centered vertically and fluid on resize.
  • Selling points on “WHY” section now on cards.

Thanks again for the tips!! :wink: