Make money with freelancing

Make money with freelancing


Can someone tell me which sites are best for new coders to get freelance jobs


You can try these


Fiverrr is only good if you are already an established member, you market ferociously to get marketshare from other members, or you get into an empty niche. Otherwise, you’re at the end of a long list of people.


I posted the same question more or less, turned into a pretty good conversation with some pretty good tips.
Might be of good help.


Fiverr and freelancer are the best sites to get a job in less than 2 3 days if you have the desired skills and you can easily money from these sites.

Earning money online fast?

I have had 4 short contracts from upwork in the past 2 months. I do use freelancer but have never gotten a job with it. People have suggested guru as well as those listed above.

One thing I did do that is not ideal is I initially bid on a crappy fixed bid job where I knew no one else would do that amount of work for $10. This got me started with a decent review. Then I networked outside of upwork and got a guy to hire me for a job using upwork. He gave me an awesome review. The 3rd and 4rth contract followed quickly. Currently submitting more proposals. :wink:


Can you recommend where to find those outsourcing jobs to hook them up through upwork?