Map Dispatch to Props issue

Map Dispatch to Props issue


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Well, I floudered through React, and then Redux, barely making it through, but now I’ve gotten to React AND Redux, I’m stuck.
The criterion Dispatching addMessage with submitNewMessage from mapDispatchToProps should return a message to the dispatch function. isn’t passing.
Any help will be appreciated.

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const addMessage = (message) => {
  return {
    type: 'ADD',
    message: message

// change code below this line
const store = Redux.createStore(
  (state = {}) => state

function mapDispatchToProps()
  return {
     submitNewMessage: function(message) {

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OK, first of all, it says nothing about defining the store - get that out of there. All we’re making is the mapDispatchToProps.

So if we don’t create the store, where does dispatch come from? Reread this line in the instructions:

Write the function mapDispatchToProps() that takes dispatch as an argument, then returns an object. [emphasis added]

So, we take it in as an argument. Again, mapDispatchToProps takes one argument: dispatch. You don’t need to pull it off the store - redux passes it to your MDTP function.

So, I make three changes to your code:

  1. Get rid of the store creation.
  2. Pass dispatch into MSTP.
  3. Change how dispatch is called - not as a property of store but as a passed in value.

When I make these changes, your code passes.