May Free Code Camp Meetup!

May Free Code Camp Meetup!

I would also like to meet up and currently have a lot of availability! Im a fan of doodles if the group wants to create a regular meeting time.

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@mckelveygreg Should we make a new calendar event for Junes meet or should we wait until it gets closer? If you’re unable to make it I can go and be host although I don’t have a keycard or anything to let myself in. Not sure exactly how RAIN does things?

Hey, I put an event down just so we can at least start the conversation there :slight_smile: However, I won’t be able to make that weekend, but can potential make either one bookending it. I’ll know more this week…
Excited for the recent activity though!!

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll wait until you know what’s up and we can go from there. Getting close to finishing the JS projects! Having no coding background at all made them a struggle to say the least.

hello fellow developers, i have a suggestion. Can we create a slack channel for the Eugene locality devs so that we can relate and tackle problems as teams and at the same time learn from it. your opinions are welcomed

Funny you should ask! I have a channel on the Eugene Tech Slack. You should join Eugene Tech regardless!

@mckelveygreg invite me using [email protected] because i tried using the link but it was unsuccessful so please invite me personally.

my bad, invite on its way!
also, you should check out my post on Eugene Local Resources to help get further plugged in