Mentor needed - project feedback - career advice

Mentor needed - project feedback - career advice

Dear fellow coders,

I have been coding for about two and a half months, and this is my absolute first time using forums or any kind of community-related methods to get feedback for my projects.

I did realize, that I have been missing out a lot by not being in any coding community, so I thought this would be a great start.

A little bit about myself: I recently quit my most recent job, to be a full-time student to one day be a Full-Stack Web developer. I was an Operations Manager for Qatar Airways. So basically from aviation, I am transitioning into the IT industry. I have been always around computers and passionate about them. Ever since I have been introduced to coding, I fell in love with it. I used to play a ton of video games like WoW and LoL, but now coding is my video game. Problem-solving, being creative, and just basically being able to do whatever you want to do amazes me.

I am completely self-taught, with extreme dedication and commitment. I am probably putting in about 50-70 hours a week into coding. I am enrolled in codeCademy, fCC, some udemy courses, and some coursera courses as well. I am also reading the “Clean Code” - by Robert C. Martin. With all this being said, I am currently looking for a mentor/tutor who I can check up with weekly, to share some ideas/thoughts on my progress and skills. I currently feel like my strongest asset is JavaScript followed by HTML then CSS. I just started tackling React.JS and reading about the back-end.

fCC surveyForm:

I am going to attach my survey form that I completed here on fCC. Kindly share your feedback, and please criticize as you wish. Positive critique makes me proud, negative critique pushes me to work harder!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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