Missing double quote causes error in view window

Missing double quote causes error in view window


Hello there,

While this does not seem to effect any functionality, I had not seen it before in any other practice yet, and wanted to let you know in case you wanted to see what was going on.

While doing this curriculum: “Basic CSS: Prioritize One Style Over Another”

I was typing out <h1 class="pink-text>Hello World!

And if you notice the missing " on the end of pink-text, because I was not done typing, but the moment I typed "pink-text WITHOUT finishing the end " The view screen on the right side gave a stack trace of this:

e),checkChallengePayload=document.__checkChallengePayload;function isPromise(e){return e&&“function”!=typeof … ( and a lot more, I just did not want to paste it all here) If you need it, I can send it.

NOTE: The moment I type the final " at the end of pink-text, this goes away, and clicking the ‘run test’ button completes with no problem.


What’s happening is that the browser is trying to run the code in the editor and encountering a syntax error. It is possible to correctly place a syntax error such that it will have an impact of the behavior of the application.