Missing letters - trouble figuring out solution

Missing letters - trouble figuring out solution


Your blurr solution is better than mine I think

It’s common newbie stuff, we always complicate the process instead of keeping it simple


Glad you finally got a solution that you can call your own. One suggestion is see if you can solve using the same basic logic you have written, but only use one for loop.


I was planning to use one, but didn’t work so I end up with two because I wanted to see where the process fail
I’ll try to use one now


Do you know why sometimes I get this in the error section ?


Error section? I am not sure what I am looking at. Is that part of the FCC website or an editor you are using?



Oh I see. I am not sure why. That black area is supposed to simulate a console, but it only shows one line and sometimes it shows odd results. It is best if you use your browser’s console (Ctrl+Shft+J in Chrome) and see any output from running your code there.


Ok and how do you run the code there ?


It is more for viewing result of code (after clicking on the Run tests button). You can add console.log statements to debug your code.


Yeah but I mean I don’t see the run button ><"
Must be blind or something


I was referring to click the Run tests button on the FCC page and then viewing the results of the tests in the console. However, if you want to run code directly, you can click on the Sources tab and paste your code in there. Then you would click on the sideways triangle or Ctrl+Enter to run the code and the console will show up with the results.


Ok, I went in source, new snippet, paste the code, run it and it says nothing :confused:

In the mean time I end up in metamask js file, 6500 lines of code, seems crazy to me, I will see if I understand something