Mongoose .save() is not working?

Mongoose .save() is not working?


Hi all, I’m using mongoose for my Voting application and I am unable to get .save() to work in this specific case for some reason. My code is below:'/polls/update/:pollId', (req, res) => {

  User.findOne({polls: {$elemMatch: {id: req.params.pollId}}}, (err, user) => {
    if (!err){
      console.log('found the user the votes are currently', user.polls[0].votes) //displays correct array (not updated yet)
      user.polls[0].votes = req.body.newVoteState //sets the array to the correct state => {
        } else {
          console.log('you saved'); //i see this in the console too
      console.log('saved votes are now', user.polls[0].votes); //this displays the correctly updated state
    } else {
  res.json({status: "OK"});

However, when I fire up my mongoshell, all my vote arrays are set to their default state (ie [0,0] for a poll with 2 options).

Can anyone help me out here? I’m a bit stumped.

Thank you everyone


Are you saving polls votes inside the single users? Why is that?


My schema looks like this:

let userSchema = new Schema ({
  email: {type: String, required: true, unique: true},
  password: {type: String, required: true},
  username: {type: String, required: true, unique: true},
  polls: {type: Array, default: []}

so for a given user, polls looks like

polls: [
  {id: '2342342wafasdfr2r', title:'fav color', options: ['red', 'blue'] votes:[0,3]},

Not sure if this is the wrong way to do it, but it is what i have right now


I feel like it might have something to do with your query. I’ve tried using $elemMatch before and I never got it to work. I was able to retrieve the object I was looking for, but for some reason I wasn’t able to update it. I believe you might also need to call markModified on the array you are updating. So it would be something like:



@codefu-chivy it seems markModified() fixed this for me! I had not heard of this function before. Thanks for pointing it out! This is definitely not the first time you’ve helped me throughout this project so thank you for your time, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! Yeah I’ve had this same problem in the past and I had to scour the internet before I found this function.