Move CSS underlining

Move CSS underlining


Hello out there!

I’ve got a little problem again. I have seen a picture of a website and now I’d like to recreate it.

How can I recreate the thick yellow underlining which is positioned right behind the letters?

Thanks in advance.


What have you tried so far that did not work as expected? Can you post a link to your code?


Currently I’m struggling with the line thickness of the underline.

Because there are several lines border-bottom doesn’t fit correctly here.


No one?
Should I Change the title?


Did you get any solution for this yet?

I tried these alternatives, find them on codepen - /nehaab/full/JxrMZy && /nehaab/full/YBrepB


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I’m not sure how to recreate it.

Have you tried getting onto Firefox or Chrome and using their developer tools to inspect the element?