Multisim program

Multisim program


Hi to all,

I am looking (trying to install) if someone that have known a way to install the program Multisim (for students) on Mac?
Thank you.

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Can you use the online version?

You can try wine

Seems the installer crashes on newer versions of wine

Can I Install Multisim on Mac OS X or Linux?


Does the Mac can get some kind of “side effects”? (like the wrong medications?) for long term?
Thank you.


Not sure i understand the question, are you asking if installing wine will cause system issues? I have little personal experience using wine. But i wouldn’t think it would.

What about the online version, is it not an option?


I buy the program Multisim student edition ($41) from I call the phone in the morning to get permission to download. I download on Mac and get this error: "safari can’t open the file “NI_Circuit_Design_Suite_14_1_Education.exe” because no available application can open it.


Well yes it’s a Windows application (.exe), you can’t run it on a Mac. That is why i gave the link for Wine, it’s an emulator that (potentially) let’s you run Windows programs on Mac.