My answers (solutions) aren't saved on FCC

My answers (solutions) aren't saved on FCC



My solutions to the exercises aren’t being saved, once I pass the challenge and go to the next one my solution to the previous challenge is gone.

Please Help.



Yes, but it is saved, you can see the curriculum page, your progress is saved but not your solutions,
you will have tick on the test you have completed, it won’t affect your certification, so do not worry


Thank you for your raply.

I’m not worried about it affecting my certification, I usually just like to refer back to them to help me progress and solve other exercises , but when its not saved, I have to redo the exercise, which is very time consuming.

Is there a way to have my solution saved like it used to before?


You can download your solution after you complete it by using the download button. it shows up in that popup when you complete it.

I save my working solutions in a Gist on github if I feel it’s something I may need later.


@Tirjasdyn Will you also explain how to open the downloaded solution, please? It saves them as .json file which doesn’t show any code if I open it with either Sublime of VS Code. Thank you


It used to be there, it was a great feature.

Anybody was able to view their own code again and able to see their own progress on how they were writing code and how they can write it once again after months of experience.

I hope they bring it back.


Open the Json file in any text editor or browser. I show code in mine.