My development website, I'd love to hear what people think

My development website, I'd love to hear what people think

This is very much a serious website, but also still a work in progress, I would love to hear what people think, and appreciate any feedback!

Thanks so much you guys. :smiley:

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Hi Matthew,

I like the effects, especially the particle ones, but I think some animations are a bit too long (for example the ones of the buttons in the navbar). I’d also stop the animation loop in the navbar after some iterations because it tends to distract the user from the content of your website. If you stop them though, you’ll need some other visual cue for the active element (maybe a different colour for the text).

The pictures took a bit of time for me to show up. I can’t inspect them but I’m using a 4G connection at the moment, which should be kinda fast. That makes me think they must have a very high resolution.
I suggest you to have the pictures in different resolutions and serve the correct one based on the client’s screen width.
You can do this either with CSS media-queries or with img’s attribute srcset (take a look at this answer from @DanCouper : Images with different sizes and quality?).

I also think that making the text in a light color rather than black would make your website more accessible. At the moment there isn’t enough contrast because also the background is dark.

Lastly, for the contact form, I’d move the “contact me” text closer to the form and more away from the navbar. Also I’d put the submit button on the right side (but this is just a personal preference).

Good job :slight_smile:

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The animations are quite impressive, well done. Having said that, a few things I would recommend:

  • I personally don’t like dark background colosr for a portfolio, I’d definitely go for a light background color instead, it’s seems easier to read and it looks more “friendly”. But if you really want to use a dark background color I would combine it with another color other than a dark one. I recommend you to go to dribbble or similar websites and get inspiration. Overall your portfolio animations are cool but the design can improve.

  • Remove the hover effect from the credentials photos, it’s very annoying for the user experience, use a click event instead and add a fade in animation to the popup.

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I’d consider making your header responsive on small screens because the letters and contact blend together.

I’d also think about putting projects on the main page (or put your certificates on a different page) because from what I understand people are more impressed with what you can do than what certificates you have earned. However, that’s just my opinion based on what I’ve seen on this forum and job postings.

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Thanks very much, I’ll address every single word you’ve mentioned, and I appreciate your time.

Ok, thanks so much for your constructive criticism, I think it’s really valuable.

Good point, I was going to do that but I guess I moved on to programming something else, thanks so much for taking your time to help me out!