My FCC Projects

My FCC Projects


Hi everyone!

I thought it would be great to simply create a topic where I can post my projects and get feedback on my work. I would be very grateful if you could let me know what you think I should work on/improve/do differently/not do etc.!
I will of course also do my best providing feedback for other members on this forum :smiley:

Tribute Page
Random Quote Machine
Weather App
Wikipedia Viewer



That was awesome and nice , I appreciate your passion for Front end websites . Keep it up


Here is my portfolio page :slight_smile: I realise it isn’t all scrollable on one page, but I wanted to try out some more jQuery :slight_smile:


Here is my random quote machine. Will attempt using an API next time :slight_smile:
Random Quote Machine

Just made some changes, I realised that the file size for the background image was way too big and the quote generator button might have been confusing to some.


Hi, Victoria!

I’ve already checked all your projects. And everythng I can say, that they are awesome! Really, your projects aren’t typical and they look very cool!

From now, I’ll track all your futher works.

Wish you good luck in the following projects!


Wow, thank you! That means a lot to me :slight_smile:


Hi, again!

I noticed that when I click on ABOUT, the About is fadeIn, then I click on ABOUT, it hides, and then fadIn again, I click one more time, and the same thing happens.

I think, that the logic must be the next: if some page section like HOME, ABOUT, PORTFOLIO, CONTACT is active, and user make click on it again nothing have to happen. What do you think about it? Would you be able to fix this kinda bug?


Yes, I agree! I will take a look at it :slight_smile:


Just finished up my weather app. I still want to add night time icons as well, but I’m on holiday so it’ll be added later :slight_smile: I hope everything works as it should. I haven’t added error messages either I just realised, will do so later.

Weather App


Updated with Wikipedia Viewer!

Wikipedia Viewer


I really like your work. The style of your portfolio is simple but works so well.

I finished my portfolio project today :slight_smile: