My first personal portfolio project

My first personal portfolio project


Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing very well.
This is the last project in the responsive web design section.


This is the link to the codepen if you want to take a look but the images I used or the local fonts are not provided (I don’t have a pro account yet :smile: )

As always your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thank you and happy coding.

I made some small changes


Solid work! :+1:
I’d place actual images of projects under ‘work’

Not entirely sure about the Playfair Display font. A little hard to read, especially on a smaller screen

Other than that - good job!


I like it, dude! Good design. Maybe replace the contact section with icons to make it look a bit sleeker?

I’m a fan!


I love the particular design on your website, it looks very elegant.
Just one thing with your welcome section heading: text gets cropped in different positions when the viewport width is changed. I’m not sure if that was your intention.


Nice! all in this portfolio is beautiful


Thank you very much for your feedback, It wasn’t my attention to change the heading position in different viewports but I made some changes using position absolute (I tried using flex but it didn’t work well ).


I was going for the icons but I had only three links so I decided to stick on those button to uses the empty space.
Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback.


Yeah, I think I should drop the font weight a little bit, and I went with similar images for the car in the work section because I was too lazy to make different images for each project :laughing: , I tried screenshots but they didn’t look good. Appreciate the feedback thank you.