My First Personal Portfolio

My First Personal Portfolio


Here is my first try on portfolio:
I think, I will improve it later, when I have more knowledge on js and, maybe, more interesting ideas on design. However, I am quite satisfied with this one too since I managed to do it as I wanted.
All critics and suggestions are very welcome.


Functionally, it looks great. As for design, the amount of gradients and contrasting gradient directions is a bit distracting, but you’re right that you can always come back to it as you see things you like. Function comes first when learning and you did a great job. :slight_smile:


I agree with @chznbaum however, the collapse button in the navbar (☰) doesn’t seem to work with me
Otherwise it looks great!


Agree with previous speakers. Functionally , it is great. Color schemes and other things can be improved later. Happy learning and coding :slight_smile: