My First project at FreeCodeCamp - Tribute Page

My First project at FreeCodeCamp - Tribute Page


Hi everyone ,

I have completed my first project tribute page . Please leave a feedback if you have a minute. So here is a link to the page . Please do give comments . Thanks


The link you provided is no longer functioning.


I am not sure why its not working but can you please try this link


I gotta tell you that waiting for you to provide a working link, was well worth the wait.
Honestly, this is the best tribute page I’ve seen.
Really great job. Congrats !!


Sorry for the delay in providing link .
Thanks a lot sir for viewing the page . Its very kind of you .It really mean a lot to me and will help me in keeping the effort.


I think this is a great page. Color choice was nice and the image or Rowling was done well. I think it is a keeper.

Bill Q


Thanks a lot sir . It was a great compliment .