My first project "Tribute Page"

My first project "Tribute Page"



If you have time, you are very welcome to give me some feedback. As this is my first project ever, yap student in progress, I know there are many mistakes and good advices.

If it happens that you know how to do bigger spaces for caption - enlighten me. I tried to fix that, but could not find a solution. Maybe because I didn’t used tables?

Anyway long story short - here is my pen


Very clean markup. The page itself looks good, even with the minimalist design. The collapsible panels are a nice touch.

To allow for more caption space, I would just use CSS to add some pixels to the margin:

.caption {
margin: 15px;

This is pretty decent work for your first project.


Thank you. Why in the heavens I didn’t thought about that. I was so focused on html part that totally forgot you can change classes with css too.

Your the man!!!


I can’t give you much feedback on the code, because I am too new, but congratulations on completing this project!

If you verify your email address, people can view this in “Full Page” view. CodePen sent me this message when I tried to view the pen as a full page: “The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View.”


I see. Thank you. Will do it.