My Navbar goes / doesnt go over other elements

My Navbar goes / doesnt go over other elements


Hi guys! I am having trouble adjusting my Navigation bar which i have set to “fixed” position. Btw i also made a mess in my code with a bunch of classes in CSS and a lot of


elements in my HTML. I want my navbar to be fixed and to follow me around when i scroll down,and it does,but it seems to be transparent or something - other elements just go over it and they totally mess it up. Is there a way to make my fixed element somehow go over the other parts of the page.The whole heading,the words,padding,border everything just to be in front of other elements,so that i cant even see the elements behind.Also,the links in the navbar dont work when behind other elements,or so it seems :slight_smile: Any advice/tutorial on how to get this right ?


Exactly what I needed :slight_smile: Thanks!