My Personal Portfolio Page - feedback welcome!

My Personal Portfolio Page - feedback welcome!


The journey so far has been an interesting one and I’m hoping for some feedback on my personal portfolio page:

Looking forward to the comments!


Great page. The only problem is that the header on the welcome-section is hidden at a certain width. I hope the image helps you understand what I’m saying. Try to add a media query decreasing the header font size for that screen width.


Also at a smaller screen width the nav links start to exit the navbar.



Great page but when viewed on phone, the navbar height is very less and at the same height of the contact section is very large.


Your portfolio page is very good. Just keep going :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciate the feedback and I spent a few minutes and made some adjustments to the style sheet and it should work better now.


Thanks for the feedback, I’m still working on getting the page to recognize mobile in portrait mode - landscape seems to work ok though.