My personal portoflio feedback

My personal portoflio feedback


Hello, please tell me what are your thoughts about my second project, thanks :slight_smile:


Cool. They finally made a fa-free-code-camp icon. Need to add that to my portfolio :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job. I feel queasy looking at the green hr bars. This is good, as craftsmanship that makes you feel something is good art. And the Tardigrade rendering fits in with that.


Thanks for opinion :slight_smile:


Agree with @vakio- the style and feel is very sleek and smooth. I definitely see this and think “this guy has a good eye for design.” But well, then I go to the page listed in the portfolio and was hoping to see the same skill reflected there. Having said that, I see you’ve only joined on October 23rd so if the contrast in such a short time is so night and day- you’re definitely on the right track. Kudos for being one of the first few to figure out the fcc icon too. :slight_smile:. All the best!