My Pete Townshend tribute page feedback

My Pete Townshend tribute page feedback


Hey everyone,

I’ve just completed the “Tribute page” assignment and would appreciate whatever feedback.

Didn’t want to go with html lists for the main part of the page because I wanted to style it differently. Are there any objections to the way I did it?

the Pete page at CodePen


Good work!
I just don’t like much the border style of the main container (I would have use a solid one) and maybe I would resize the black-background containers, expecially the ones where the written part is just an half of the space.
But that’s just my opinion. Your work is really cool and your style is really creative!


Thanks for the feedback, Paola :wink:

I know the dashed border and the background make it hard to look at the page, and I have tried solid but it didn’t fit. Maybe with some opacity it would.