My "Pigs" tribute page - Camper Comments welcome

My "Pigs" tribute page - Camper Comments welcome


Hi Campers,

Greetings from the tip of Africa. All and any comments welcome for my first project:

Project link -



Pigs are very important… Thank you for that page, the world needed it. :slight_smile:


LOL - thanks it means the world to me :wink:


hahaha that’s an absolutely fun website!


If only Winston Churchill’s quote about pigs was on the new £5 note… Good job man!


Looks great and I’m a vegetarian. The only suggestion I would make (and you may very well know this) is that you could use padding shortcuts.

For example you have -

.introPar {
padding-left: 10px;
padding-top: 10px;
padding-right: 10px;
padding-bottom: 10px;

this could be written as padding: 10px; because all values are the same. More at but in general, great tribute page.


I did not know that… makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the help and pointing that out. Cheers!


Thanks campers Had a lot of fun dong that.