My Portfolio bro!

My Portfolio bro!


Hi guys!
This is my portofolio.
but this is not personal portofolio.

check it out Portofolio (A team)

I hope you like it and I am very grateful if any suggestions on my Portofolio

thanks guys.


Pretty clean although scrolling seems laggy for me i dont know why may be it is because my Laptop is having less ram :slight_smile: keep up the good work i am also working on my portfolio site


Oh thanks bro!!! :+1:


Your footer is too big, i don’t see point of doing that when u don’t have much content in it. You can add those social icons in your copyright section and leave that as footer without lorem ipsum text. Happy coding !


Thank you for suggesting FreakOut.:+1:


The footer is really too big, and on small screens your social icons are cutted out of the viewport. The ‘#work’ div on smartphone shrinks excessively. You should avoid inline styles.


Looks good!

The only issue I found is that if the screen is over 1350px wide the layout does not follow. You have a big white space on the right side.