My Portfolio - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

My Portfolio - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage


Hi! Everybody.
I’m Pranay Kumar. I’m done with My 2nd Project build a personal portfolio please have a look over here
Please comment good and bad and mostly suggest me for more improvements.

Thanking you all!


It looks great. Sleek design. Choice of background images is good. I don’t think any improvements is needed for this.


Thank you so much, dude!


I think it looks pretty dope. Just one thing when i scaled it down to a mobile view, the portfolio contents are getting stacked too close to each other, you might wanna put some padding to separate them, otherwise the design looks simple, clean, and i loved the sidebar. Excellent job!


Thank you, I’ll add the media queries.


Very slick design well done.


Thank you very much!


My opinion:
I think you should’ve made the first background image a bit darker or blur it a bit so you could see the text “I’m a front end web developer…” a bit better.


Very nice portfolio. I love the scrolling effect. It looks as though you put some thought and effort into this design it shows in the outcome. :grinning:


Great Portfolio … Keep going on the way <3


Very nice portfolio! Which libraries did you use?


Thank you all for your comments!


I just used only HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.